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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Add Static Pages & Embed Files from Google Drive into Blogger

Blogger Static Pages allows us to create specific pages for our blog/eportfolio such as About Me, Curriculum Vitae, Contact & etc. on stand-alone pages that are linked from your blog. The static pages basically are the same post pages, but there are several things that make them different. One of the differences is that static pages don't apppear in the home page, don't have a label, and are not indexed as archive pages.

Follow simple steps below to create it:

Step 1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > select your blog > go to Pages and click on New Page.

blogger static pages

Step 2. Type the title (not compulsory) and write the page's content.

blogger page content

Step 3. Before publishing it, click on Preview to see how it will appear on your blog.

blogger preview

Step 4. When you have finished the editing, click on Publish button. Then, click View

blogger view pages

Step 5. You will be redirected to a new tab which is your new page. Copy the URL & paste it into 
             your drop down menu bars html coding and you're done!

blogger pages URL

Now you have owned the static page. If you want another static page, just repeat the steps above :)

Embed files from Google Drive

Next we will learn how to embed files from Google Drive into your blogger page/post. Fyi, all gmail users have google drive which comes with free 15GB storage! With this drive, you can store and share lots of online files such as PDF, words, power point, video and etc. So, if you want to embed your google drive files like the above picture, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to your Google Drive > Right-Click the file you want to embed and Choose Share

google drive file share option

Step 2. Next click Advanced to your Google Drive > Click Change > Choose On - Public on the web 
           > Click Save and Done.

google drive advanced share setting

Step 3. Double Click file that you want to embed > Click on Pop-out

google drive pop-out button

Step 4. You will be directed to a new tab, at the new page, choose More actions, click Embed item 
             and copy the code.

google drive embed item

Step 5. Next go to your Blog > Choose posts/pages > Click New post/page > Choose HTML 
             and Paste the code.
blogger html

Step 6. Click on Preview to see how it will appear on your blog and click Publish when you are done :)

P/s: You can also change the width and height of the embed file by changing its code value.
       (not necessary if you are using responsive embed code)

Embed code example:
<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

GOOD LUCK! ^___^


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