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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Teaching Eportfolio Development Workshop

Workshop Slideshow

Today's im assisting my SV in teaching eportfolio development workshop. All of the participants are lecturers from various fields. I can see that most of them are really passion in learning new things which makes me feel very happy :)

teaching eportfolio development workshop for lecturers at PPP, City Campus, UTeM.
Participants are having discussion in designing their teaching eportfolio

Teaching eportfolio development workshop for lecturers at PPP, City Campus, UTeM.
Participants presenting their teaching eportfolio at the end of the workshop

From my observation, people easily get scared when it comes to coding. It's not that hard actually if u're +ve & willing to learn. Once u know how to edit and implement the codes, u surely gonna love it ♡

i hate programming, programming is difficult and complicated

To all the participants, feel free to email me at if you guys have any questions regarding eportfolio development/codes ok. Till then:

Good Luck in experimenting your newly developed Eportfolio & Smile! ^_____^


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